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"A good friend will come and bail you out of jail... But, a true friend will be sitting next to you saying, 'Damn, that was fun!'"

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As independent and isolated as our culture pressures us to be, I am the first to admit that all of my accomplishments have been co-created by those who have touched my life deeply.

Who-I-am is not separate from the peoples' lives mine has intersected, and I wanted to acknowledge who some of those people are and their work in the world.

Thanks go to...

...my family I came from: Mom, Dad, and Steph; and the family I have created: my husband, our two daughters and son. You all know me, challenge me, and care for me in ways that will forever shape me for the better.

...Laura Davis and the writing groups she leads. I feel I've found the perfect group to hold this collection of years that is moving me from a writer to an author. Much more to come, yet one step at a time.

...the organization: Unitarian Universalist. They have truly defined acceptance and choose to support one's life journey with understanding, information, social justice action, and compassion. Every teen should experience their OWL program. Please check it out.

...all those I've known through the Institute of Noetic Sciences, especially Marilyn Schlitz, Amit Goswami, and Christian de Quincey. You all have shaped my opportunities in invaluable ways, and I have the deepest admiration for your works. All the powerful souls who sustain this organization are truly creating a new world.

...Elda Hartley, Nola Lewis, and Violet Cleveland--three lovely and loving ladies who encouraged me and my creativity. Heaven is blessed with you all there.

...all the mentors at the Ashland Institute. Your influence, example, and love have rippled far and wide.

...all the folks at the Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center in Ben Lomond, CA. What a privilege to have such high-quality art opportunities in the mountains!

...Jeff and Jim of BoxSet, the Indigo Girls, John Denver, James Taylor, Pink Floyd, Jimmy Phelps, and one special song by the Moody Blues. You all have accompanied me on more road trips than I can recall, serenaded the cycle of a few broken/mended hearts (with Jimmy Buffett), helped me survive high school, stayed up late with me so I could draw to the pulse of your sound... but thanks is mostly due because each of you stirred my soul with the honesty of your voice, the lyrics of your poetry, and the raw communication of spirit that gives me courage and inspiration to meet the world at that level.

...all those from JFKU, especially Vernice Solimar, Fariba Bogzaran, and Loyd Auerbach. My two years full of much personal transformation was so carefully held in gentle hands and supported with strong and challenging research.

...all dem "Ron Hood boys": Matt, Shane-darling, Eric, Steph, Gail, Anna, Mark, Sean, the Tracys, and, of course, Ron, and all the others I haven't mentioned by name. You all defined "the good old days." And of course we'll always be friends. You still have the negatives.

...Chad Ward... Who would have thought?

...Robert Astrue, a physics professor and friend from HSU. Dr. Astrue had the courage to challenge his students with ideas that were hard to swallow, yet because of his influence I saved about 20 years of my life bumping around looking for it. Instead, he named what it was I was seeking, and my life turned toward grad school and IONS to find more.

...Steve Brusca, a physics professor at HSU. Dr. Brusca is an amazing example of what is possible if you put your soul and heart into your life's calling. He literally opened up the universe for me, and sparked my life-long interest in cosmology.

...Yvonne and Rich St. John-Dutra for saving the world (one kid at a time!) and making such a positive difference in my life.

...Eric Dyer, my art teacher at Mendenhall Middle School. He was key in teaching me basic art skills, and reining my run-away ideas into completed projects. I have yet to again create pieces at that pace... although I have enough watercolors of barns to last a while!

...Cara, Maureen, and Jonna, my life-long friends. Thanks, and then some.

...and last but not least, Kenny Atkins at Cabrillo College and Mac at Sign City in Felton. Without you, this web site would not exist!

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