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"It's an unanswered question,
but let us still believe in the dignity
and importance of the question."

--Tennessee Williams

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6-word memoirs

New! I have two entries published in "Six-Word Memoirs on Love and Heartache"! Which ones, you ask? Well buy the book and find out!

Picture of Chilly stargazing

In progress... To Hear the Ocean

Follow the heartfelt story of a philosphical ice cube named Chilly in her journey of self-discovery... and discoveries that transcend the very idea of "self."

An insightful tale for questioners of all ages!

--written and illustrated by Laurie M


Why Being a Stay-at-Home Parent is the Hardest Job, a piece I've been meaning to write for a while

I Never Got to Say Goodbye, published as one of Laura Davis's Featured Writers

Book Review of Arnold Mindell's Dreaming While Awake, published in Shift Magazine

Fishing For Paradox, published in Noetic Sciences Review


Friends, winner of the 2008 Friends of the Felton Library Poetry Contest

Writer's Blog, poem posted May, 2007

Girl Returning, created as an art piece for the Santa Cruz Mountain Art Center's show Poet's Eye/Artist's Tongue

Says Housewife, published in October 2004 issue of Ya'Sou! Online

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